rPET Plastic
... from bottles to bags

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE -a sustainable consumption concept and the order of the day. The so-called 3 R's together form a strategy to avoid as much waste as possible.

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Benefits of rPET

Reduced use of raw materials, e.g. crude oil

Benefits of rPET

reduced waste due to reuse of PET

Benefits of rPET

long service life due to very good material properties of rPET

Benefits of rPET

the product is manufactured in a BSCI* certified factory


Frequently Asked Questions

How is rPET processed?

The material consists of recycled plastic from beverage bottles, among others. The bottles are thoroughly cleaned, ground into small pieces and melted down into PET chips. These in turn are then spun into yarn, from which our rPET bags of the TROIKA GO URBAN series are made.

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